Gold TouchStone Method (Kasuti Method)

RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited giving you an opportunity to improve yourself and take your career forward in Jewellery Industry.

The Training Includes

1. Real old gold valuation / Testing method via “KASAUTI”( Saligram Black Stone)

2. Acid finger testing method on acid kasauti.

3. Salt testing method on rough kasauti.

4. Complete practical training with real gold items and ornaments.

Benefits Features

1. Exposure to world class practices followed in the industry.

2. This will add value to participant’s current career prospects

3. Course is designed by experts in the field.

To instigate the audience in grasping the concepts, not get bugged by the grammer of the topic as far as possible make all the sessions interactive with the participants and employing collaborative group learning.
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