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RSBL’s precious metals division is a leading gold and silver trader and manufacturer with a legacy of over twenty years.

RSBL’s gold and silver prices are a benchmark in the Indian jewellery market. The industry has bestowed its trust on RSBL’s products, services and systems for its presence is spread across the integrated chain of gold procurement to wholesaling and across all major markets in India. Since 1994, RSBL has been actively providing wholesale and retail services in the bullion spot, forwards and futures market in India. The company’s promoters have a combined experience of over 100 man-years in the industry.


RSBL SPOT (Spot Precious-metals Online Trading) is arguably the world’s most successful and widespread over-the-counter system for the physical gold and silver markets. With over 10,000 jewellers as its members, it is the most common way of gold purchase today in the professional markets. RSBL Spot provides deliveries ranging from 1gm to 1kg bars across everywhere in India. Over 10 years, RSBL Spot has been the undisputed market leader in spot physical markets.


RSBL exports gold and diamond jewellery across the world and is a market leader in gold and silver coins. It also supplies manufactured and packaged jewellery to organised retail chains in India


These RSBL gold, silver and platinum coins are extremely popular for its purity, packaging and buy back services. These coins are also serviced for corporate gifting, weddings and special events with customization as per requirements. These are available in multiple sizes, shapes and world class packaging. RSBL buys back its coins as an extension of its trust and support to its customers.


RSBL’s Gold Systematic Investment Plan is a way for the public to invest a specific amount of money in fixed regular intervals such as every month. Gold SIPs are low-risk, micro-investments that can be afforded by most people, giving them the freedom to choose their plan and invest the amount of money they are comfortable with. The process is simple, hassle-free and completely digitalized.

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‘RSBL SPOT’ is India’s first fully electronic over-the-counter (OTC) delivery based bullion-trading system.

RSBL eCoin

Its a B2B system where you can buy/sell Gold & Platinum as per competitive market price in Indian rupees.


RSBL’s Gold Systematic Investment Plan is a way for the public to invest a specific amount of money in fixed regular intervals such as every month.


Its a retail coins/bars distribution of Pure Gold, Silver & Platinum which are available in different denominations and sizes.

Spot Live Rates

Gold and Silver Live Rates.

eCoins Live Rates

Gold eCoins Live Rates.

RSBL is one of the niche players of rough, polished, certified diamonds & diamond jewellery with quality - led & efficient offices in the local market.

It holds the most widespread inventory, from 0.01 to 10 carat Diamonds in all shapes and sizes. RSBL provides services like distribution of rough, polished, certified diamonds, synthetic & colour stones. The collection ranges from precious gemstones like glittering diamonds, deep reddish rubies, green emeralds, and cool blue sapphires to semi-precious stones like peridot, turquoise, topaz, tourmaline and aquamarine. It also deals in manufacturing & selling of diamond jewellery skilled with intricate designs & inimitable craftsmanship.

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An exclusive Diamond Jewellery collection comprises in 18K that has pieces tailor made which suits every women’s varied moods and styles.

RBSL deals in base metals including nickel, aluminium, zinc, copper and tin. It trades locally as well as internationally. It also provides value added products.

RSBL’s group company is involved in casting of metals. This group includes casting finished or semi-finished products producing a variety of goods, all characteristic of other activity classes

RiddiSiddhi Bullions Group had always been active with corporate social responsibilities. These include:

  • Providing subsidised or free meals and shelter in rural areas
  • Water stations (pyayu)
  • Setting up and support for medical equipment especially during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Education and skill development initiatives

RSBL and it’s promoters have always been active in these areas.