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December 2013

Commodity market shrinks, traders shift to equities

Turnover on India’s commodities markets has shrunk by two-thirds as higher transaction costs, a drop in gold imports and a payments crisis at the National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) take their toll on the confidence of investors.

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October 2013

Gold shortage takes glitter off festive season

In India’s biggest bullion market, Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar, gold dealers are busy - not filling orders for customers, but busy avoiding phone calls because they don’t have any gold to sell.

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October 2010

RiddiSiddhi Bullions launches SPOT trading in Vishakhapatnam

RSBL SPOT introduced a new contract called GOLD VSPT + 2 for all its SPOT clients in the Vishakhapatnam.

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September 2013

As imports dwindle, jewellers bank on ETF gold sales

Some jewellers are even paying cash for old ornaments With the Government hiking the duty on gold imports and the RBI restricting them through export obligations, there is a severe shortage of gold in the market.

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August 2013

RSBL Spot launches contracts for gold exporters

Riddi Siddhi Bullions Ltd. (RSBL)’s flagship product RSBL SPOT has launched a new segment that would facilitate the exporters and contribute to reduce the nation’s current account deficit pressure.

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August 2013

Deficit? What deficit? India makes a golden version of everything

Indians use gold for all sorts of things. As the world’s biggest gold consumer, its citizens use coins, bars and jewellery as gifts, dowries and investments that are literally more solid than a share in a company. The ill effect that this has on India’s current account deficit has led the government to try to curb demand. Here are a few examples of demand that nobody can seem to curb.

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June 2013

Gold duty hike to fuel holiday imports: Riddisiddhi Bullions

Finance Minister is back with a new change in Gold policy, announcing another attempt to curb Gold imports by increasing the import duty from 6% to 8% with immediate effect, will have a loud impact on the Bullion sector. Increase of 2% at current rate of $1400 per ounce is 28 USD per ounce. To be clear, with this duty hike a difference of 9.24 percent between the international and domestic price of the yellow metal is evident.

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May 2013

Gold eases after rising, physical buying muted

Indian gold eased on Tuesday, after rising for a couple of sessions in line with global markets, though physical demand remained muted ahead of a key gold buying festival amid lower supplies.

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April 2013

Gold up from 18-month low; sales below expectations

Indian gold futures bounced from their lowest level in more than 18 months on Tuesday mirroring global markets, with physical traders witnessing a small revival in demand, but below expectations.

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April 2013

Gold prices crash, fall by Rs1,250 per ten gram

Gold, which had been plummeting this week and traded below Rs30,000, fell further sharply by 1,250 to Rs28,350 per ten gram, a level last seen on April 7 last year following a steepest fall of 84 dollar to 1,477 dollar an ounce in global markets.

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Prithviraj Kothari’s views on the Bullion market

The primary propose of this blog is to educate the masses on the current happenings in the Bullion world.

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